Captivate your club


The Club Action Planning Scheme (CAPS) is a programme designed to captivate you and your netball club. It aims to support you to deliver a quality netball development programme and operate in line with best practice.

England Netball relies on volunteers and clubs to help us in all areas, and they make a huge contribution to the game of netball. We have developed this toolkit to help you pull together the evidence you will need to gain the accreditation and will show you key areas where you might need further work.  We want to empower you to help increase the numbers of netballers in your local community, ensure you are providing a safe environment for your members and make sure important aspects of your club’s management are applied.

The following section contains lots of information and criteria to fulfil, together with the downloadable guidance notes and templates to help you be the best club you can be. Our team of dedicated Netball Development Officers, in every County, are here to help so please do not hesitate to get in contact – that is what we are here for!

What is the Club Action Planning Scheme?

The Club Action Planning Scheme (CAPS) is aligned to the Sport England Clubmark accreditation scheme which is the only national cross sports quality accreditation scheme for clubs with junior sections. It is built around a set of core criteria which ensure that accredited clubs operate to a set of consistent, accepted and adopted minimum operating standards.

We know Club Action Planning Scheme is a bit of a mouth full so we call it CAPS!

Why is CAPS good for your club?

CAPS is a fantastic club development tool which enables you to develop a wide range of areas within your club:

Working towards CAPS helps you to:

  • Increase your membership numbers and retain them in the club
  • Ensure you have the right amount of duty of care, adopting good practice for your young members
  • Addresses important aspects of the club management
  • Develop coaches, umpires and volunteers
  • Develop links with local schools in your community
  • Raise the profile of your club
  • Finally, it asks you to plan how you want to improve your club and help delegate those actions

CAPS Incentives

We want to reward clubs for achieving and maintaining their CAPS status so remember when you do this your club recieves the following as a thank you. Clubs will receive cheques for the following amounts:

Achieving Bronze, Silver or Gold  


Bronze - £100

 Bronze - £100

Upgrade to Silver - £50

 Silver - £150

Upgrade to Gold - £75

 Gold - £200

If you achieve this accreditation, you are recognised nationally as having a well-run club which is active and accessible. This means getting the best out of young people and giving everyone a sporting chance.

CAPS has three levels of accreditation: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze CAPS is the first level, incorporating the Clubmark criteria covering the areas of safeguarding and protecting children and young people, quality coaching and officiating, competition, talent development, sports equity and good management. Bronze must be achieved before Silver or Gold.

Silver and Gold CAPS are about demonstrating further quality across the areas of coaching, officiating, and developing volunteers. If you achieve Silver or Gold, you are demonstrating that they have met the minimum operating standards required for Clubmark but have also demonstrated a further commitment to ensuring a club environment which provides a higher quality of coaching, officiating, leadership and volunteering opportunities for the young people at your club.

How do you become accredited?

Register your club for CAPS by completing the CAPS Registration Form and return it to England Netball.

You will then be sent your CAPS Assessment and Support file and your Netball Development Officer will contact you to arrange a time to meet you to go through what is required. You will find the content of each of the file sections available for you to download and print at You should aim to complete your folder in 18 months, but if you need more time simply re-register to let us know that you are still actively working on CAPS.

Your file will cover the following areas:

  1. The Playing Programme
  2. Duty of Care and Safeguarding and Protecting Young People
  3. Knowing Your Club and its Community 
  4. Club Management
  5. Action Planning

Once your folder has been submitted, it is then assessed at a national assessment day. Once CAPS has been achieved, the accreditation is valid for four years, and prior to the end of this four year period you will need to re-submit your updated file in order to achieve reaccreditation.

During the four years, you are expected to complete an Annual Health Check each year to show that you are maintaining the CAPS standards.

Once you have achieved Bronze CAPS if you wish to achieve Silver or Gold you need to contact your regional office and download the relevant sections from the website. Once you have completed this then you need to re-submit your assessment file.

What support is available?

Support is available from your regional office and Netball Development Officer who will be able to assist you with completing the assessment file.

Dates for the Diary

Clubs can submit their CAPS assessment file to their local netball team by the following dates.  

  • February 3rd 2016
  • May 4th 2016
  • August 3rd 2016
  • October 26th 2016
  • February 1st 2017

Steps to achieving CAPS

To see all the steps to achieving the CAPS accreditation download a pdf of the Pathway to CAPS Information or a word version Pathway to CAPS Information