ENjoy ENsure ENtrust

So that anyone at any level can ENjoy this brilliant game, England Netball is ENtrusted with protecting the integrity of the sport and depends on everyone involved in the netball community to ENsure that everyone has a great time.



 We have guidance and resources to help and support everyone and to make the game positive for all.
However sometimes things go wrong so we have ways to resolve issues and learn lessons to improve. These include our Disciplinary Regulations, Complaints and Whistleblowing procedures. 

 We have requirements and expectations for everyone to respect each other and protect the reputation of the game. These are set out in the Codes of Conduct, Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy and Anti-Doping Rules.

We have policies and procedures in place to help everyone get the most from the game, particularly young people and adults at risk. These include our Safeguarding Policy, Equalities Policy and Inclusive resources