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My Game

Netball is for everyone. All ages, all shapes, all levels. That's why we've created My Game. Why? Read on.

A few year ago we began a journey to discover what current and future players wanted from their netball experience. We looked into what motivates you, what you want from the game, and how we can support you to ensure that you get the best experience possible.

This research revealed that there are a number of different groups of netballers, with different aims and needs. So we listened. We responded. The result is My Game.

My Game is the umbrella name for a whole range of netball programmes, products and ways to enjoy netball, tailored specifically to the way you want to play and get involved. Since the creation of My Game we have developed our Your Game Your Way strategy which details the roll out and implementation of a range of new programmes and products we have and will be creating.

You will have seen over the last year the launch of a number of these including;

  • Netball Now - our pay and play offer
  • 1621 - our product for 16-21 year olds in education
  • NYC - Netball Youth Camps
  • Into High 5 - to help introduce U11's to the game of High 5

As well as new programmes we are also getting involved with new formats of the game. This year we are pleased to announce our involvement with NETS - a variation of netball played within high tension nets making it fast, furious and extremely exciting. Why not go along to one of the NETS centres and give it a go!

Over the coming years we will be continuing to consolidate the successes of these new programmes and formats of the game as well as introduce a few more, so netball truely can offer something for everyone!

We love hearing about how netball plays a part in your life. By hearing more about your thoughts on your relationship with our great sport, we will strive to improve ways in which you can play, watch and get involved with the game in future. Tweet us @England_Netball and let us know about any exciting things you have been up to! #IHeartNetball

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Fran Connolly
Director of Development
England Netball