2 Defensive Drills – [source from coaching manuals – Beth?] leave it with me


2 mid-court drills – [source from coaching manuals – Beth?] leave it with me


1 attacking drill – source from coaching manuals [source from coaching manuals – Beth?] leave it with me

1 shooting drill – source from coaching manuals [source from coaching manuals – Beth?] leave it with me

Wall Work

All you need is a ball and a wall! Improve your coordination and control of the ball with these simple wall work exercises.

Safety – Make sure you complete a thorough warm-up and warm-down to help avoid injury. If you are new to exercise or have any health or injury concerns consult your physician before trying these exercises.

step-by-step breakdown

Angled pass and receive

  • Drive an angled ball into the wall and run to catch the return.
  • Turn outwards away from the wall.
  • Jump and release pass the ball straight into the wall.
  • Repeat in the other direction.
  • Gradually increase your range to get the ball as wide as possible.
  • Increase the speed and power of your jump and release pass into the wall.
  • Try a one-handed jump and release.
  • Move onto the ball – keep your feet moving. Take an extra step rather than leaping onto the ball.
  • Use your outside foot when pivoting.
  • Land balanced so that you can release your pass quickly straight into the wall.
step-by-step breakdown

Wall taps with two balls

  • Start close to wall.
  • Push ball against wall using one hand – continuously alternate hands.
  • Aim for highest number of consecutive passes.
  • Use two tennis balls or one tennis ball and one netball.
  • Use both overhand and underhand pushes.
  • Try sidestepping in both directions.
  • Try running in both directions.
  • Keep your eye on the ball and your feet hips-width apart facing the wall.
  • Push the ball with fingers and NOT the palm of the hand.
  • Follow through towards the wall with your hand.
step-by-step breakdown

Ball juggling onto wall with two balls

  • Start two feet away from the wall in a ready position with a ball in each hand.
  • Throw one ball into the wall whilst transferring the remaingin ball into your other hand. Repeat.
  • Increase your distance away from the wall.
  • Start slowly and then build up speed.
  • Try using different kinds of balls.
  • Try sidestepping along the wall. Then try running along the wall.
  • Keep your eye on the ball.
  • Only do 10 at a time to ensure a better quality of practice.
step-by-step breakdown

Overhead pass and receive

  • Overhead pass into the wall.
  • Catch the ball with a turn in the air to face away from the wall.
  • Throw the ball into the air and chase after it.
  • Catch the ball, land, pivot, bounce the ball ahead and run after it to catch it.
  • Repeat again.
  • Increase the range of the pass into the air.
  • Turn in the air instead of pivoting at the final stage.
  • Land balanced so you are able to move off quickly.
  • Challenge yourself on your landings when trying the extension.


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